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Angry Cock Hot Sauce
80% Fresh Bhut Jolokia peppers "Ghost Chile" and a blend of select spices makes Angry Cock an ext..
Kiss Of Fire Pepper Puree
NEW Kiss Of Fire Pepper Puree - Made with 15 Exotic Hot Chiles including Carolina Reapers, Trinid..
Bread and Butter Jalapenos
Fresh localy grown jalapenos pickled with Chef Ivo's own bread & butter pickling spices. Grea..
Busha Browne's Spicy Jerk Sauce
A traditional spicy-hot sauce. The quintessential taste of Jamaican cuisine. Jerked pork is uniqu..
Ass Kickin Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
If you want to up the heat ante in your hot sauce, Ass Kickin’ Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce is sure t..
Carolina Reaper Pepper Mash
Magic Plant Aged Hot Pepper mash / puree is made from freshly harvested Carolina Reaper Chilies. ..
Dave's Gourmet Whole Ghost Peppers
"So Hot, They're Spooky!" Ingredients: Naga Jolokia Peppers (Ghost Peppers), Water, Salt, Ace..
Blair's 2007 Halloween Reserve
Ladies and Gentlmen, we have a winner! This is our new hottest commodity. At a blisteri..
Cajohn's Reaper Puree
Made with Smokin Ed's Reaper Pepper. Named in January of 2014 as the hottest pepper in the world!..
Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Wild & Wicked Tipsy Wing Sauce
Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Wild & Wicked Tipsy Wing Sauce is a premium reserve original Buff..
Busha Browne's Traditional Jerk Seasoning Rub
An authentic Jamaican blend of herbs and spices to create the legendary hot marinade. The traditi..
Bacon Pepper Dip
Real bacon, red pepper puree and roasted tomatoes meld together to create a truly addictive dip. ..
African Rhino Xtra Hot Peri-Peri Pepper Sauce
 A product of Kalahari Pepper Company. The exotic peri-peri is Africa's hottest chili pepper..
Crushed Red Pepper
Crushed Red Pepper is made from a combination of dried peppers including ancho, bell, cayenn..
Mad Dog 357 Pepper Extract
5,000,000 Scoville Units of pure heat are packed in this special edition extract. Ingredient..

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