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Ass In Hell Hot Sauce
The hottest ass ever. Joe Chilehead's favorite hot sauce. It is inevitable, Joe Chilihead was dam..
Ass In The Tub Special Reserve Armageddon Hot Sauce
The hot sauce to end all. CAUTION: this pepper sauce is seriously hot. In fact, this is about as ..
Ass Reaper Hot Sauce with Skull Cap and Cape
One of the hottest and neatest collectables to come along in a long time. A freightening addition..
Fig Spread
A No Added Sugar product consisting of pureed figs with white grape juice added. A natural produc..
California Fig Balsamic Vinegar
Fig balsamic vinegar made with 12 year old balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy and the pulp of fi..
Select Fig Preserves
The sweetness of Turkish Figs are blended with sugar and cooked the old fashioned way to make thi..
Collegiate - Illinois Fighting Illini Hot Sauce
Illinois Fighting Illini Hot Sauce is a premium blend Cayenne Pepper Sauce with officially licens..
Fig Preserves
Fresh figs mixed together with pure cane sugar just like grandma use to make. Great on toast, eng..
Asbirin Hot Sauce
From Costa Rica via Louisiana. For the relief of Bland Foods. Great Cayenne Flavor with a great h..
Ass In Antarctica Hot Sauce
When the heat becomes unbearable, do you feel like you need a vacation? We hear Antarctica is a n..
Ass In Space Hot Sauce
It's Outta this world. In a galaxy far, far away...An evil pepper sauce of an unknown molecular s..
Ass In The E.R. Scorpion Pepper Sauce
Joe Chilehead’s quest to seek out the hottest pepper pods on the planet brings him to the Emerg..
Fig & Olive Tapenade
Our Fig & Olive Tapenade blends the flavors of the California countryside. Abundant with Fig ..
Ass In The Tub Hot Sauce
This pepper sauce is seriously hot. In fact, this is about as hot as hot gets. It might sound lik..
Ass In The Tub Ghost Pepper Sauce
Legend has it that the Ghost Pepper or Bhut Jolokia is named so because it is so hot that your sp..

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