Good Shit Seasoning

Good Shit Seasoning
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Taste the sweet difference! Good Shit is a specially blended seasoning designed to bring sweetness to the palate like no other seasoning does! This blend will transform regular chicken, ribs and pork into a masterpiece of flavors. Amaze your friends and hear them say "Man, this is some Good Shit!"  Good Shit will add just enough sweetness to leave your taste puds dancing. Try it on Teriyaki, popcorn (for that sweet and salty taste), ribs, chicken - Shit, put it on everything . But be forwarned, Good Shit is habit forming! Once you start using Good Shit (or any of the Shit Products) it'll be tough for you to go back to that ordinary ol' shit you've been using.

Ingredients: Granulated Sugar, Brown Sugar, Paprika, Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Chili Powder.

Good Shit Seasoning 11oz Shaker. 

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