Slimm & Nunne Maple Peppercorn Mustard

Slimm & Nunne Maple Peppercorn Mustard
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Direct from the National Mustard Museum...Mrs. Mustard loves this rich black peppercorn mustard with beef. Finish steaks in the pan by deglazing with a little wine, adding heavy cream to reduce a minute and whisking in a tablespoon of mustard for a peppercorn mustard cream sauce. Coat whole beef or pork tenderloin before roasting for a mustard peppered crust, or just serve with a burger. Very impressive and easy.

Ingredients: Water, vinegars (white distilled, white wine, and red wine), mustard seed, white wine, sugar, salt, natural maple flavor with other natural and artificial flavors, garlic, spices, soybean oil, peppercorns, xanthan gum, high fructose corn syrup, eggs, tartaric acid, lemon juice, modified cornstarch, citric acid, sodium benzoate (preservative), celery seed, turmeric, annatto, calcium disodium, EDTA (retains product freshness), peprika.

Slimm & Nunne Maple Peppercorn Mustard 7.75oz Bottle

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