One of my favorite times was watching mom make homemade jams and jellies. We do it the same way, the best fresh fruit, right amounts of sugar and mom's special touch, one small batch at a time.

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Apple Cinnamon Jelly
Apples are cooked down with cinnamon and sugar,then strained for a clear juice to make our Apple-..
Blackberry Jelly
Rich plump blackberries are cooked down to a concentrated juice and strained to make a dark rich ..
Concord Grape Jelly
The rich juice of concord grapes is mixed with pectin to create this rich flavored grape jelly. P..
Elderberry Jelly
Remember you Grandmother collecting elderberries from the woods and cooking them down into a deep..
Fire in the Belly Pepper Jelly
YOU ASKED FOR IT… This is the hottest pepper jelly we've ever produced. Not for the faint of ..
Granny Smith's Jalapeño Pepper Jelly
Granny Smith Apples and Jalapenos are cooked down and then strained to make a golden juice to whi..
Green Pepper Jelly
Green bell peppers and minced onions are added to cane sugar and apple cider vinegar for a taste ..
Guava Jelly
For a rich Guava Jelly we have cooked guava and then strained it for the juice only and added sug..
Key Lime Jelly
The tartness of Key Limes are juiced and jelled for "this trip to the Keys" flavor that you will ..
Meyer Lemon Blood Orange Pepper Jelly
We took our popular Red Pepper Jelly and fixed it up with great citrus flavor from Meyer Lemons a..
Muscadlne Jelly
Muscadine wine and concentrate grape juice are used to make this rich jelly. Great for appetizers..
Red Purple Plum Jelly
Juicy red purple plums are cooked into into a concentrated juice to which we add sugar and pectin..
Strawberry Hot Pepper Jelly
Strawberry Hot Pepper Jelly. Made with pure cane sugar, apple cider vinegar, red and green bell p..
Raspberry Pepper Jelly
BY POPULAR DEMAND, we are pleased to introduce fresh raspberries to our pepper jelly line. Great ..

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