Snacks and Chili Mixes

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Dip Shit For Fruit
It's amazing that something so simple could taste so good. Mix the contents of the Dip Shit for F..
Dip Shit For Vegetables
Big Cock Ranch has created a really unique taste in there Dip Shit For Vegetables (and chips). Di..
Spontaneous Combustion Ghost Pepper Microwave Popcorn
Popcorn that “explodes” in your mouth with Ghost Pepper Heat. Ingredients: Popcorn, Partially..
Spontaneous Combustion Ghost Pepper Peanuts
Sure to explode in your mouth. These killer nuts will please all those who are brave enough to ta..
Whoop Ass Chili Mix
Contains the necessary ingredients to make an awesome pot of chili in less than 20 minutes. I..

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