Local flavored honey and molasses.

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Ginger Honey
The spicey flavor of ginger makes this a favorite honey to use in Pan Asian recipes. Mix with soy..
Orange Blossom Honey
Galena Canning Company's Select Orange Blossom Honey is a medium amber premium honey that has not..
Tea Time Honey
Tea Time Honey is perfect for your afternoon tea. Adds a rich flavor that makes you relax with vi..
Wild Berry Honey
Our Wild Berry Honey is produced from the various berry plants blooming in the Spring. Our wildfl..
Wildflower Honey
Galena Canning Company's Select Wildflower Honey is derived from a variety of wildflowers an..
Raines Honey Farm 1 LB Honey
Local honey from the Raines Farm in Davis, Illinois, is a must for every pantry. Rich flavors mak..
Raines Honey Farm Honey Bear
The Raines Honey Farm in Davis, Illinois provides us with a local honey that is rich in flavor. T..

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