Infused Olive Oils

Infused Olive Oils

Great for making quick salad dressings, bread dipping, use on grilled meats, seafood or vegetables. Wonderful kitchen gifts.

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Rigopoulos Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Brought to you from the Log Cabin Restaurant, the oldest restaurant in Galena Illinois, Rigopoulo..
Roasted Garlic Dipping Oil 12oz
You like garlic? You’ll just love this. Roasted garlic has a deeper, richer flavor. We added a to..
Roasted Garlic Olive Oil
Garlic cloves are oven roasted to a rich caramel color and then heated in olive oil to 325 degree..
Roasted Garlic with Rosemary Olive Oil
We have taken our Roasted Garlic Olive Oil and added fresh Rosemary for a rich herbal taste. This..
Rosemary, Garlic & Herb Dipping Oil
Rosemary and Garlic – hints of those wonderful Mediterranean dishes. Try brushing some on lamb, c..
Shallots, Scallions & Leeks Dipping Oil
This is a wonderful oil for all your cooking. The blend of shallots, scallions and leeks with som..
Spice It Up Dipping Oil
One of the favorites! As its name implies, this has lots of zip. We added Chili Peppers and whole..
Spicy Chili Dipping Sauce
Our Spicy Shili Dipping Sauce is made by hand, in small batches with the very best, local, all-na..
Sundried Tomato Dipping Oil
You like sundried tomatoes? You’ll just love this. The tomato lends a deeper, richer flavor to th..
Sundried Tomato & Garlic Dipping Oil
This is a truly delicious combination. Plenty of sundried tomatoes and garlic with a dash of whit..
Tarragon Chive Dipping Oil
Tarragon gives this oil a glorious color. A touch of white balsamic vinegar brings out the flavor..
Tomato & Basil Dipping Oil
What could be a more delicious combination? The tomato lends a deeper, richer flavor to the oil. ..
Traditional Italian Dipping Oil
Our number 1 selling oil!  This is a superb mix of ten herbs with a hint of the Mediterranea..
Tuscan Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is lively, robust and rich in aroma and flavor. Use this deeply flavo..
Tuscan Dipping Oil
Our Basil and Garlic dipping oil without the balsamic vinegar, for those who are purists about th..

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