Infused Olive Oils

Infused Olive Oils

Great for making quick salad dressings, bread dipping, use on grilled meats, seafood or vegetables. Wonderful kitchen gifts.

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All the Peppers Olive Oil
Lots of peppers, some sweet and some with a zip. Shake up the bottle and enjoy the flavor. Try dr..
Balsamic & Herb Dipping Oil
Chefs fresh herb blend, our classic balsamic vinegar and smooth olive oil. Great dipping oil for ..
Black Truffle Oil
Our Black Truffle Oil is made from 100% pure olive oil infused with high quality Zigante Bla..
Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil
To add a little zest, just uncork this olive oil infused with blood orange. Great when pan searin..
California Extra Virgin Olive Oil
California Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Pressed within 4 hours of harvesting. Then stored in..
Citrus Habanero Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Smooth and rich with just the right amount of spicy intensity. Hand picked fresh habanero peppers..
Chili Chipotle Dipping Oil
Those great Southwestern flavors fill this oil. We chose a variety of peppers with our own select..
Double Garlic Oil
Fresh pressed olive oil with garlic extract. The ultimate "garlic lovers" Olive Oil. Great as a m..
Fig Balsamic Dipping Oil
Mission figs add a wonderful sweetness and depth to the flavor of this oil. Drizzle over chi..
First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Sunflower Oil
Our First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Sunflower Oil is high in the essential vitamin E an..
Garlic Avocado Oil
Avocados are full of good fats and vital nutrients such as potassium, folate and vitamins K, C an..
Garlic Dipping Oil
You like garlic? You’ll love this! We added some herbs to a rush of garlic flavor, a dash of bals..
Garlic & Herb Dipping Oil
Fresh olive oil infused with garlic and Chef Ivo's fresh herb blend. Great for sauteing chicken, ..
Garlic Herb Dipping Sauce
Our traditional Balsamic Garlic Herb Dipping Sauce will delight all of your senses. We combine ou..
Garlic & Rosemary Dipping Oil
Our Mediterranean Herb oil without the balsamic vinegar, for those who are purists about their di..

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