Steak Sauce & Marinades

Galena Canning Company's famous gourmet steak sauce & marinades are sure to delight your tastebuds! Online Catalog and Recipes. 

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Cabernet Steak Sauce
A steak sauce with the rich flavor of Cabernet Wine to accompany steak, chicken, or pork. This wi..
Honey Dijon Marinade
The sweetness of honey combined with dijon mustard, sugar, and spices makes an excellent sauce fo..
Mayan Grilling Marinade
The flavor of tomatoes combine with pineapple juice, vinegar, cane sugar, ancho pepper powder, or..
Merlot Wine Steak Sauce
A steak sauce with the rich flavor of Merlot Wine to accompany steak, chicken, or pork. This will..
Mesquite Steak Sauce
A combination of concentrated tomatoes, vinegar, onion powder, corn syrup, garlic powder, worches..
Pinot Noir Steak Sauce
Pinot Noir may be the most food-friendly wine there is, and with it, we've created our most versa..
Robust Ribeye Marinade
Marinate your prime rib or steak in this wonderful blend of soy, onion, and garlic or just brush ..
Savory Sirloin Steak Sauce
A classic, go-to sauce for any meats, poultry or even grilled shrimp for the best surf-n-turf eve..
Spicy Cajun Steak Sauce
Tomato ketchup, worcestershire sauce, mustard, cayenne pepper, white pepper, and black pepper cre..
Sun Dried Tomato Marinade
This is a summer delight with a unique blend of tomatoes, soy, apple vinegar, spices, and jalapen..
Tequila Chili Sauce
Red chili peppers, tomato ketchup, brown sugar, spices, and tequila blend together for a lively c..
Vidalia Onion Steak Sauce
The sweet flavor of Vidalia Onions combined with tomatoes, worchestershire sauce, and spices make..

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