2017 New Product Bundle Box

2017 New Product Bundle Box
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Try our all of our newest products and save! A new year deserves new here they are!!! 

Savory Raspberry Chipotle Preserves 11.5oz Jar - This is our newest addition to our popular Pepper Jelly product line. Sweet Raspberry Preserves with a smoky and spicy Chipotle Pepper finish. Great over cream cheese with crackers or as a glaze for Ham, Chicken Wings, Ribs and Pork Chops.

Southern Bama White Grilling & Dipping Sauce 12oz Bottle - Found on almost every BBQ Restaurant table in Alabama, this smooth and flavorful BBQ Sauce is mainly used on grilled chicken but is also great in Potato Salad, Deviled Eggs or as a Veggie and Chip Dip.

Chipotle Grilling & Wing Sauce 14oz - Imagine if you took BBQ Sauce and Steak Sauce and blended them together with a few Chipotle Peppers. That's what we have done and  it came out amazing! Great on Wings, Ribs, Burgers, Brisket, Chops and much more.

Sweet & Spicy Mustard Grilling & Dipping Sauce 13oz - Don't get turned off because we put spicy in the name...that refers to the bold flavors of Dijon Mustard, Tumeric and a hint of Horseradish. Great on Ham Sandwiches, Brats or use for dipping pretzels! Kids love with Chicken Tenders!


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