Gourmet Wild Game Meat Sticks, Jerky and Summer Sausage

Gourmet Wild Game Meat Sticks, Jerky and Summer Sausage

Gourmet Wild Game Meat Sticks, Jerky and Summer Sausage. Products include alligator, elk, ostrich, venison, wild boar and many others. Some have added spicy flavor.

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Jerky - Alligator Cajun
Buffalo Bob's Cajun Alligator jerky has a rich spicy cajun flavor dried into the flat jerky meat...
Jerky - Boar BBQ
Buffalo Bob's Boar Jerky with added BBQ flavor is always a hit. Only USDA farm raised boar meat i..
Jerky - Buffalo Smoked
Buffalo Bob's Jerky of Buffalo is the sweet meat of buffalo cut into thick jery strips and dried ..
Jerky - Elk - Hickory Smoked
Buffalo Bob's Jerky of Hickory Smoked Elk is outstanding. Hickory smoked slices of USDA approved ..
Jerky - Ostrich - Hickory Smoked
Buffalo Bob's Ostrich Jerky uses USDA approved farm raised ostrich meat for these gourmet jerky t..
Jerky - Buffalo - Chipotle and Garlic
Buffalo Bob's Buffalo Chipotle Garlic Jerky uses only USDA approved farm raised bufffalo for this..
Meat Stick - Alligator Cajun
Buffalo Bob's Gourmet Alligator Sticks are flavored with a spicy cajun seasoning. Only USDA farm ..
Meat Stick-Boar BBQ
Buffalo Bob's Boar with BBQ is a perfect snack for a gathering. Only USDA approved farm raised bo..
Meat Stick-Buffalo-Mild
Buffalo Bob uses only USDA farm raised buffalo for these lightly spiced wild game sticks. A perfe..
Meat Stick-Buffalo Spicy
Buffalo Bob combines USDA approved farm raised buffalo meat and select hot spices for these great..
Meat Stick-Elk-Peppered
Buffalo Bob has created a great Black Pepper stick of Elk, using only USDA farm raised elk. The f..
Meat Stick-Pheasant
Buffalo Bob's Pheasant Sticks are a gourmet treat. Lightly seasoned sticks of USDA farm raised ph..
Meat Stick-Venison-Fire
Buffalo Bob has seasoned these Venison sticks mildly for a gourmet meat stick using only USDA app..
Meat Stick-Venison-Teriyaki
Buffalo Bob has taken teriyaki flavor and added it to USDA approved farm raised ground venison to..
Duck Summer Sausage
Mmmm, one of our all time favorites, Duck Summer Sausage on crackers with Brie Cheese and Cranber..

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