Honey & Molasses

Honey & Molasses

Local flavored honey and molasses.

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Alfalfa Honey
Alfalfa Honey is a mild and slightly spicy honey that has a delicate, light amber color. It has a..
Cinnamon Honey
Cinnamon Honey is a premium medium amber honey that is delicately infused with the natural flavor..
Ginger Honey
The spicey flavor of ginger makes this a favorite honey to use in Pan Asian recipes. Mix with soy..
Orange Blossom Honey
Galena Canning Company's Select Orange Blossom Honey is a medium amber premium honey that has not..
Tea Time Honey
Tea Time Honey is perfect for your afternoon tea. Adds a rich flavor that makes you relax with vi..
Wild Berry Honey
Pure smooth and sweet honey with a hint of wild berries. Wild Berry Honey 12.5oz Jar. ..
Wild Flower Honey
Galena Canning Company's Select Wildflower Honey is derived from a variety of wildflowers an..
Local Honey Bear Honey
The Raines Honey Farm in Davis, Illinois provides us with a local honey that is rich in flavor. G..
Local Pure American Honey
Local honey from the Raines Farm in Davis, Illinois, is a must for every pantry. Rich flavors mak..
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