Seasonings & Rubs

Just like all of our sauces, our Seasonings & Rubs are packed for of flavor using only the best all-natural ingredients.  

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Chef Ivo's Firehouse Ultimate All-Purpose BBQ Rub
Chef Ivo's Ultimate All-Purpose seasoning is an essential part of your grilling arsenal! ..
All Purpose Seasoning
Our All Purpose Seasoning is a perfect everyday seasoning for pork, chicken, beef and seafood. ..
Beer Can Chicken Rub
Beer Can Chicken Rub is a tasty, aromatic combination of spices, sea salt, demerara sugar, paprik..
Blasting Powder & BBQ Rub
Being a chef for over twenty-five years, I bring to you my special spice blend that comes to you ..
Black Bean Dip Seasoning
Our Black Bean Dip Seasoning is the perfect addition to your home made black bean dip. Black ..
Blackened Seafood Seasoning
Blackened Seafood Seasoning is perfect for sauteing or grilling your favorite fish. A great combi..
Buffalo Wing Rub
Buffalo wing seasoning is a free flowing, light orange powder. It has a salty, tart and tangy fla..
Cajun Seasoning
Getting tired of the same old steak? Season liberally with our Cajun blend, and pan-sear for a sp..
Cajun Spice
Our Cajun Spice has the perfect blend of salt, sugar, paprika, dehydrated onion and garlic, natur..
Cape Cod Seafood Seasoning
Cape Cod seasoning is an orange-red seafood seasoning with a pungent, salty & spicy celery fl..
Cattleman's Ranch Seasoning
Ranch seasoning is a Southwestern style blend of salt, garlic, onion, paprika, cumin, buttermilk,..
Chipotle Seasoning
The smokey flavor of fire roasted and smoked jalapenos will give a medium spice to any dish. ..
Cinnamon Chipotle Rub
Chipotle peppers and ground cinnamon combine with sugar, brown sugar, paprika, onion, and garlic ..
Citrus Ginger Rub
NEW Citrus Ginger Rub. Our Citrus Ginger Rub has an aromatic combination of sea salt, demerara su..
Cranberry Herb Seasoning
Cranberry herb rub is a unique blend of dehydrated onion, cranberry and orange peel, spices, suga..
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